Why Tyraweb SMS?

Tyraweb SMS on its own circle concentrates on offering marketing solutions using the most responsive means which is web based SMS system that inform your clientele about different things in your organization that concerns them. They can be used for alerts, reminder, special offer, new product and scheme information. You can choose to use our Sender ID for free or buy for your organization at a low cost.

Our system features include :

Sms Branding

SMS messages are sent using your organisation's name instead of a number. This not only ensures content authenticity but also enhances brand promotion.

Delivery Reports

Get accurate and detailed reports on the delivery status of all messages sent

Long messages

Get the most of sms messages; send long sms messages upto 850 characters.

Add Contacts From Excel

Supports addition of contacts from an Excel file. And it's super easy.

Access Everywhere

Since BulkSMS is offered as an online service, just like Facebook or Yahoo Mail, you can easily access it from anywhere in the world so long as you're connected to the Internet

Low cost

Its cost is ten percent of the traditional media. It can help you to save large amount of advertising expenses. No Setup fees only pay for each SMS you send. No initial Charges or premiums, No monthly Payments.


The issues time, area, quantity and content is flexible, they are easily to control. You can send them in any occasion.


Instant SMS Delivery with Delivery status report.

Bulk Sms for Banks

  1. Notify customers on the changes in policy affecting the consumer, e.g. Interest rate.
  2. Update members on the latest events, e.g. Branch opening.
  3. Send Weekly/Monthly account balances reminders
  4. Publicize their latest promotions
  5. Notify their clients on Salary credit/ Cheque deposit on their accounts
  6. Communicate Balance below a specified limit.
  7. Communicate to clients when they have exceeded their Credit limit.
  8. Alert their clients on bouncing cheques
  9. Reply to account balance enquiries.
  10. Report lost/stolen card.
  11. Issue stop payment notices.

Bulk Sms for Schools

  1. Sending exam results & progress reports
  2. Student attendance reports
  3. AGM Reports
  4. Informing school opening and closing dates
  5. Sending meeting invitations and reminders
  6. Notify parents on school trips, communal works etc.
  7. Notify parents of sports school activities
  8. Informing parents of school achievements
  9. Communicating emergency situations
  10. Sending fees balance notifications and structures
  11. Making special announcements to parents
  12. Reaching parents with private and confidential information.

Bulk Sms for Churches

Churches all over the world have turned to bulk SMS to get in contact with their church members, because it’s a fast and easy way to contact people.

Whether it’s events for the church, notifications or prayer requests, SMS will get the message across, instantly!

Here are some ideas that you can implement into your church’s bulk SMS text messaging:

Updates – Make sure your church members is in the know with events and happenings. Everyone reads their text messages, so let them know.
“Good evening, Our tomorrow’s church service at Nairobi Centre starts at 10.30 Am and NOT 9.30am. Thank you”.

Prayer Requests – An easy way to get your congregation to pray for something specific is to message them. It is the fastest way to get your whole congregation praying.

Daily Devotionals – SMS your congregation the verse of the day, or simply inspire them with a message from the pastor.

Bulk Sms for Saccos

We provide Sacco bulk SMS services to help Sacco and micro financial institutions to interact with target clients with group SMS and SMS marketing. Saccos and Microfinance institutions use bulk SMS to send alert SMS and notifications to its members.

With the Sacco bulk SMS service, it has become much easier for the Saccos to notify their customers about their financial transactions. Sacco Bulk messaging microfinance nking institutions to connect with their customers in much enhanced way. Text messaging for Saccos also helps to improve business communications within their customers.

Being a two way communicator, instant messaging also helps for both Saccos and customers to stay connected regularly. Just at a click of a button, one can obtain a real time notification about their banking operations.

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