About us

Tyraweb Solutions Ltd is a world class professional software, web development and online marketing firm that provides a wide range of solutions for both small to large companies world wide. If you are looking for a trusted reputable Design Company to handle all of your software and online business needs then look no further. We offer complete solutions for all industries and can meet the demands of any business, and have been ranked one of the best Web Design Companies to do business with in Kenya.

There has never been a better time to be a business owner and establish your identity online, capturing your unique brand and using the power of the internet to grow your influence in your industry. The Tyraweb philosophy is to build softwares and web applications that achieve results. We believe there's more to design and development than just looking good.


Tyraweb seeks to deliver state-of-the-art design of quality websites and softwares in Kenya, East African Region and world-wide


Our vision is to make a positive impact to your life technologically. Any interaction with us, at all levels must leave you transformed.


Tyraweb has been delivering world-class software and web-based services since the year 2015 and our experience is vast as well as diverse. We have found that the self taught developers are sometimes the best to employ as they have the knowledge as well as the experience having worked as freelancers before and are familiar in dealing with clients and understands their expectations.

Wilfred M. Mburu, the founder and General Manager at Tyraweb Solutions Ltd has been building and creating online software systems since year 2013 and he is involved with every aspect of the company. Mr. Wilfred knows that in order for Tyraweb to continue to be successful, every client must be successful and he ensures that only the best is applied to every project..


Time is passing and your competitors may already have an advantage in the online marketplace. Tyraweb has designers, developers, online marketers, graphic artists & designers, programmers and system specialists to discuss every detail of your system. We will work efficiently and put intensive effort in to meet your tight schedule. If there is an emergency we can also present you an excellent system in 3-4 days at an additional cost, for us to meet your demands.

Our Method

We guide our partners in creating lifelong systems and websites.



Identifying your business needs

One of our most outstanding attributes is that each of our thoughts and every approach we take is 101% focused on your desire



Discovery and planning

We are always asking ourselves-how can we ensure that we achieve what you desire to achieve. From web design, software development and ICT consultation, we look forward to working with you towards to your goals



Adaptive innovation

Well,the thrill of the moment is always great but Tyraweb wants the thrill to outlast the moment, make it dynamic for the future and appealing to the eye.

Our Clients

We're trusted by popular brands.